Hi-Tac EcoGrip® — 50 Pack Bucket $72.95 – Spring Sale Prices – Own the Zone


$82.95 $72.95


Our one-of-a-kind hi-tech biodegradable Best Selling grip. Used by top pros on the ATP and WTA tours. Hi-Tac EcoGrip is great grip for hot or humid  weather or for any player that perspires a lot. Superior sweat absorption. Perforations keep the overgrip tacky for firmer grip and much longer play. Special time-release formula slowly releases tacky resin to keep your Hi-Tac grip tackier much longer than ANY other grip on the market. Get better performance and value for your money.  The “Go to Grip” for Summer.  The World’s 1st Eco-Friendly Overgrip.  Win On and Off the Court!

Bucket contains 50 Hi-Tac grips. Plays great for tennis, badminton, squash, paddleball and racketball.

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