ECOGRIP – Technology Innovation – Win on & off the Court

Five (5) Reasons to Buy Innovative EcoGRIP:

1. Outperforms – EcoGRIP plays better and longer than all other overgrips. See our Testimonials from great players and coaches.

2. Great Tack – EcoGrip Hi–Tac overgrips [shown below] use a patent pending, slow-release formula for much longer tack and much better sweat absorption.

3. World’s first and only Biodegradable Eco-Friendly Overgrip – Decomposes naturally in the environment within 1 year. Good for your game and great for the environment.

4. Great Feel – EcoGRIP provides 4 types of very comfortable, no slip overgrip. Available in Hi-Tac, Smooth, Pro, and Dry. 

All overgrips are made out of polyurethane (PU), the same material used to make heart valves and sofa cushions…PU takes decades to fully decompose and break apart. PU is not designed to break down in the environment. Only EcoGRIP is made with an innovative patent pending polymer designed to safely decompose in the environment within 1 year after you remove it from your racquet.

5. In Style – distinctive Green fastening tape looks very cool on the court. EcoGRIP is now available in both White (all 4 types) and Black Smooth colors.

You’ve tried the rest… now play with the BEST! Be a first mover, a pioneer, make the game more sustainable.  Win on and off the court with EcoGRIP!

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