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EcoGRIP feels great & plays better and longer than other overgrips. See our Testimonials from outstanding players and coaches.

Great Tack

EcoGrip Hi–Tac overgrips use a slow-release formula and small perforations to offer much longer tack and superior sweat absorption.

World’s Only Biodegrable Overgrip

Decomposes naturally in the environment within 1 year. Good for your game & great for the environment.

Great Feel

EcoGRIP provides 3 types of very comfortable, no slip overgrip. Available in Hi-Tac, Smooth and Pro. 


Distinctive green fastening tape is easily seen on your racket & on the court. EcoGRIP is now available in both White (all 3 types) and Black Smooth colors.


I have been playing with Hi-Tac EcoGRIPs since 2014. Its definitely the go-to-grip for me and my clients in the hot & dry Las Vegas and Southern California climates. The feel and comfort of these grips are just so good that you can’t go back to your old grips. Many of my clients really like the fact that by playing with EcoGRIP they support the sustainability of tennis.

“I’m absolutely loving the grips. Honestly, the best grips I’ve used in my career.  You get a great feeling when playing with it. Its quite tacky which is what I really like. The Smooth grips are very durable and the tackiness lasts a lot longer than any other grip I’ve used before.” Neil turned pro in 2008 and at one point was ranked among the top 400 players in the world. He has won the British Tour Masters and British Futures titles.

I do really like the Pro Ecogrips. I haven’t used anything else for probably 5 years or so. Whenever I see someone with a nasty worn out grip I give them one of my Ecogrips to try and they really like them. I’m sure I have my friends buying from you as well.

EcoGRIP – A Better Grip for a Better Planet

EcoGRIP is biodegradable and Eco-Friendly. How can we prove this fact? See the above photo of our once white EcoGRIP in a garden compost (now a brown strip in the center of the picture) after 5 months.

A new grip next to one that has been decomposing in the composter for around 6 months

The green and yellow tennis overgrips (next to the brown EcoGRIP) are made out of non-biodegradable polyurethane (PU). PU is the same material used to make heart valves and sofa cushions. You can see these grips have not decomposed at all. Why? Because these PU grips are NOT designed to decompose or biodegrade in the environment. Some polyurethanes take 500 years to decompose (see the article below). Most polyurethanes such as tennis grip overwrap will take decades to fully decompose.  

The CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization), the foremost governmental scientific organization in Australia, has independently certified EcoGRIP as biodegradable. Four years of R&D and a patent pending polymer have produced EcoGRIP, a grip that will fully decompose within one year after changeout. EcoGRIP – the world’s only high performing, eco-friendly overgrip.

Be a first mover, an eco-warrior, a real pioneer. Get a Grip!

Raquet Science

Leather vs. Polyurethane – a comparison taken from an article published by Diffen,com at

Some polyurethane foams are used as artificial or faux leather (PU leather) for shoes, upholstery in sofas, and iPad smart covers. Leather is tanned animal hide and is more expensive than polyurethane. However, polyurethane is not biodegradable and takes several decades to decompose.

Comparison Chart

Comparison Chart






Animal hide treated with chemicals.



Very durable (10-15 years if maintained well), used in rugged conditions, but will fade in sun and degrade with age.

Very durable, but susceptible to cracking and UV damage.

Very durable, excellent UV protection.


Usually no




Premium price luxury item; much more expensive compared to fake leather.

Cheaper than leather

Competitive with name brand overgrips.




Animal friendly





In 50 years.


One Year


Less variety; most often shades of black and brown, sometimes white.




Higher maintenance, requires treatment to prevent aging.

Easy to clean/wipe

Easy to clean/wipe

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