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bannerOTZ band dampeners are known as the world’s best vibration dampener since 2006. Grand Slam champions and top pros such as Maria Sharapova, Victoria Azarenka, Bethany Mattek-Sands, Andre Agassi,  Steve Johnson, Sam Querrey, Clay Thompson, Kevin Anderson, Jurgen Melzer, and Mats Wilander all play with band dampeners. The colorful OTZ band dampeners greatly improve upon rubber bands. The OTZ bands are not made out of cheap rubber (made with clay) so they won’t dry out quickly in the sun, lose their elasticity or crack after repeated use. The OTZ bands come in a rainbow variety of 9 bright colors and highlight the cool Own the Zone “Z” logo. OTZ bands superbly dampen vibration, prevent tennis elbow and won’t fly off your racquet. They are eco-friendly and safely biodegrade within months of a changeout.

The OTZ Band saves wear and tear on your arm.  Get all 9 colors & the Good Vibrations now… Own the Zone!

Racket Science

At Own the Zone, we fully understand Tennis Elbow: The OTZ band has been purpose-designed to simultaneously absorb initial impact shock and significantly reduce ball impact vibrations. Hitting a ball produces vibrations that travel through the strings down the racquet to the grip and into the player’s arm exacerbating the condition known as Tennis Elbow (lateral epicondylitis), one of the most painful conditions to affect the keen racket sports player. The OTZ band absorbs shock and reduces these painful vibrations so you can play longer, hit solid shots and Own the Zone of peak performance.

Best in Class

OTZ band damps are used by top ATP and WTA  Pros. These “Best in Class” dampeners securely tie to your strings and won’t fly off your racket in the middle of a crucial point.  See our Testimonials from outstanding players and coaches.

All Gain, No Pain

The innovative OTZ Band Dampeners are purpose designed to absorb ball shock and quickly dissipate the the energy from the vibrations of your strings and racket when hitting the ball. The bows/loops on the tied band transfer vibration energy away from the strings and the frame.  No other dampener can offer this dual function. Play longer, hit solid shots, avoid painful tennis elbow and sore wrists.


Our OTZ dampeners decompose naturally in the environment within 1 year.   The popular smiley-face plug dampeners that slide between your racket strings are made out of non-biodegradable polymers that won’t decompose for many years, if ever. 

Great Touch around the Net

 OTZ Bands add more touch to your volleys near the net. Several Grand Slam Doubles champions love to play with band dampeners. Own the Zone of peak performance. 


The colorful OTZ Band damps come in two band packets in 9 bright colors. Red, white, black, yellow, neon green, sky blue, orange, purple and pink. Mix and match the bands with the color of your racket frame, your racket strings, your hat or shirt, or the colors of your school tennis team.  Tie one on! Wear the Spare!

Own the Zone!


The OTZ Band Dampener is just an awesome shock absorber. It’s easy to use and the different colors make it very stylish. OTZ bands never come off from any mishits. My arm feels great since I started using the OTZ Bands on my racquets. All gain, no pain.

The OTZ Band Dampeners perform great. They provide much more dampening than my 4+ years of playing with normal plain color rubber bands. And unlike my plain color rubber bands, these OTZ band damps don’t dry out and crack under the hot Australian sun. I love the variety of colors and the very cool Z logo. These are truly world class. Go for it Mates!

I much prefer the band type of dampener to the standard round smiley face look. The OTZ bands never fly off, they provide a better feel and look much cooler. These damps are without a doubt the best on the market. At UCLA starting in 2011 as a sophomore I always played with either blue or yellow band damps to highlight our school colors. 

Raquet Science

Own the Zone (OTZ) Meets the Challenge to Produce the “Better Band Dampener”

betterbandWe significantly improved upon the vibration dampening solution already being used by Grand Slam Champions Maria Sharapova, Andy Roddick and Andre Agassi.  We accepted the challenge to produce a “Better Band Dampener”.

Here’s how:

1. The purpose designed OTZ band dampener is not made out of plain rubber. A normal rubber band typically has a high amount of clay causing the band to quickly dry out, lose elasticity and break. The chemical compound of the OTZ band was modified to ensure robust performance. Depending on how much you play, one band will perform well for 6-10 weeks. 

betterband12. The dimensions and elasticity content of the OTZ bands were increased and enhanced to ensure even better dampening of string and racquet vibration. Skeptical? Check the impressive best-in-class results of several independent scientific tests performed on our products. We’re talking Racket Science, not Rocket Science!

3. The OTZ band produces a clean, crisp, satisfying sound when the ball hits the racquet strings.

4. The OTZ band comes in 9 great colors (yellow, blue, green, red, black, white, orange, purple and pink) with our iconic  Own the Zone “Z” logo for strong brand identification.

5. The colorful OTZ bands allow you to make a fashion statement. Many players also “Wear the Spare” bands on their wrists.  No other vibration dampener in the world serves this dual purpose.

Here’s how to tie it on…grasp each end of the band, tie a knot or double knot, and pull tight.


Our products can be found at most sporting goods chains throughout the U.S., tennis specialty stores, local pro shops and online distributors.


Sharapova and the band at the US Open

Tie One On & Own the Zone! Don’t play without it!

It’s Racquet Science, not Rocket Science!

A number of scientifically-devised tests* were carried out under controlled and dynamic conditions in the lab and on the tennis court, to check the efficiency and performance of the Own the Zone (OTZ) band vibration dampener. These tests were performed by Dr. Nissim Benjuya Ph.D. Senior Lecturer, BioMedical Engineering and Physical Therapy, Ben Gurion University, Be’er  Sheva, Israel.

Dr. Benjuya, age 53, an author and co-author of 53 scientific articles in the field of bio-mechanics, recently passed away. Dr Benjuya was also the Director of  Motion Analysis at Children’s Hospital Sheba Medical Center, Ramat Gan, Israel and Director of the BioMechanics Lab at Kaye College of Education, Be’er Sheva, Israel.  May his memory always be a blessing to those who knew him and to everyone he helped during his lifetime.



All balls impact the racquet in the central region of the strings

  1. “Control” has no dampener on strings
  2. “Volts of Excitation” refers to an electrical signal caused by the movement or vibration of the strings and racquet immediately after ball impact
  3. Graph 3 recorded at ball speed of 40 – 50 miles/hr
  4. The sampling frequency was 10 Khz for one second of recording
  5. Graphs capture 300 – 500 millisecond (ms) time frame
  6. See Bar Graphs 4 and 5 for testing of Zone compared to other vibration dampeners

Test 1: Zone vs Control (no dampener on strings)



Conclusion: Zone, with considerably fewer and lower vibrations, levels out in shorter time than Control (no dampener on strings).

Test 2: Zone vs. Ordinary Elastic Band



Conclusion: Special compound OTZ band shows considerably fewer and lower vibrations, and shows smoother transition to normal state than an ordinary elestic band.

Test 3: Impact Speed 40–50 miles/hr – Zone vs. Control (no dampener on strings)



Conclusion: OTZ Band Dampenershows a much quicker return to steady state than Control (no dampener on strings).

Test 4: – Max Y amplitude – Maximum fluctuation of racquet observed in centimeters (cm) following ball impact. (Note: “Crepe” refers to Ordinary Rubber Band)


Conclusion: OTZ Band shows by a wide margin the second lowest racquet fluctuation compared against other dampeners.

Test 5: T2SS – Time to Steady State: Amount of time (fraction/second) until vibrations are dampened; measured from the sensor and video by motion analysis software.


Conclusion: OTZ Band Dampener returns to steady state (no measurable vibrations) in a shorter time than any other type of dampener.

*Tests carried out by Dr. Nissim Benjuya Ph.D. Senior Lecturer, BioMedical Engineering and Physical Therapy, Ben Gurion University, Be’er  Sheva, Israel.

Dr. Benjuya is also the Motion Analyst at Children’s Hospital Sheba Medical Center, Ramat Gan, Israel and Director of the BioMechanics Lab at Kaye College of Education, Be’er Sheva, Israel.

Play Hard, Have Fun & Own the Zone!

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