About OTZ


David Marcus and Julius Stockfish

My name is David Marcus. My partner Julius Stockfish and I have been tennis buddies for more than 20 years. When I developed a severe case of tennis elbow in 2005 Julius recommended that I use a standard rubber band to help absorb the string and racquet vibration caused by the ball’s impact. Until then, I had been using the plug type of vibration dampener which was not an effective shock absorber. Worse yet, it had a tendency to fly off my racquet. We improved upon the rubber band solution that several top pros were using, including Andre Agassi, Andy Roddick and the top ranked Maria Sharapova. We invented the OTZ band dampener to handle 100 mile mph ball shock and reduce wear and tear on your elbow. We designed a high performance, colorful, best-in-class product!

Today, after 10 years on the market the OTZ Bands are endorsed and used by some of the world’s best pros and are sold around the globe.

Nice, you say. One very good product. So what comes next OTZ? EcoGRIP is what came next. I had the idea for a biodegradable overgrip while traveling around eco-friendly Ireland in 2008. In 2010 I finally found a great industrial chemist in Australia and told him about my green idea. He joined our company. After several years of trial and error together we developed a great patent pending polymer for the overgrips. In the hot summer of 2013 we playtested EcoGRIP Smooth and Hi-Tac in 10 different countries with 30 excellent tennis coaches and tennis players. No players were told the grip was eco-friendly.  Every one of the players told us the grip played great, felt great and lasted longer than their current  grips. When I told them the grips would biodegrade in one year… they were blown away.

We launched EcoGRIP in October 2013.  In January 2014 Clay Thompson, the top ranked college player from UCLA started playing with EcoGRIP Pro. In June 2015 Mats Wilander, former 7 time Grand Slam champion, endorsed EcoGRIP saying “I have been playing with EcoGRIP on my racquets for the past year. Now that I’ve found a very high performing overgrip that is also eco-friendly, I’m going to continue to use it.  EcoGrip is a win-win both for me and for the environment.”

Tennis, badminton, squash and racketball players. Now is the time to go green.

WIN on and off the Court.  Get a GRIP!

Play Hard, Have Fun & Own the Zone!