High Performance

EcoGRIP Hi-Tac HTP grips play better and longer than other pickleball grips. EcoGRIP Hi-Tac has been competition tested by top ATP and WTA Tennis pros and coaches since 2015. The new 35 inch HTP grips for Pickleball paddles ensure a firmer hand to paddle connection. These grips play particularly well in hot or humid conditions.

Great Tack

EcoGRIP Hi-Tac HTP grips use a slow release formula and small perforations to offer much longer tack and superior sweat absorption. 

Biodegradable – a world 1st for Pickleball grips

EcoGRIP decomposes safely in the environment within ONE year after changeout.  Need proof? See photo of used Ecogrip after decomposing for six months in a composter. EcoGRIP is good for your game and good for our Planet 


HTP is designed to provide players with an extra boost of power. Hit the ball with greater force and placement. It’s also sweat absorbent so no more slippery paddle handles.

Go Green and Be Seen

Distinctive green fastening tape is easily seen on your paddle. Let other players know that you are a Trailblazer …or maybe an Eco Warrior.  Now you can Win On & Off the Court. 
As Pickleball becomes more popular, let’s make our sport more sustainable.  
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