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I have been playing with Hi-Tac EcoGRIPs since 2014. Its definitely the go-to-grip for me and my clients in the hot & dry Las Vegas and Southern California climates. The feel and comfort of these grips are just so good that you can’t go back to your old grips. Many of my clients really like the fact that by playing with EcoGRIP they support the sustainability of tennis.

“I’m absolutely loving the grips. Honestly, the best grips I’ve used in my career.  You get a great feeling when playing with it. Its quite tacky which is what I really like. The Smooth grips are very durable and the tackiness lasts a lot longer than any other grip I’ve used before.” Neil turned pro in 2008 and at one point was ranked among the top 400 players in the world. He has won the British Tour Masters and British Futures titles.

I am super excited work with Own the Zone/EcoGRIP as a brand ambassador. I really like the tacky and soft feel those overgrips give you.  Also the OTZ band damps are awesome and come in many different colors. 

As a busy Pro coach in 6 Tennis Centers, 6 days per week – I’m delighted that the perforated Hi-Tac EcoGrips give me ultimate Grip even in our humid “Summer Down Under” conditions in Australia, My clients love these sensational grips! I am trialing the Smooth black grips and they look & feel very good.  I’m sure the Smooth will be great just like the Hi-Tac. The OTZ Band Dampeners perform great. They provide much more dampening than my 4+ years of playing with normal plain color rubber bands. And unlike my plain color rubber bands, these OTZ band damps don’t dry out and crack under the hot Australian sun. I love the variety of colors and the very cool Z logo. These are truly world class. Go for it Mates!

The OTZ Band Dampener is just an awesome shock absorber. It’s easy to use and the different colors make it very stylish. OTZ bands never come off from any mishits. My arm feels great since I started using the OTZ Bands on my racquets. All gain, no pain.

I started playing with Pro EcoGrips during my Senior year at UCLA when I achieved the #1 ranking in the country. I continued playing with Pro EcoGrips after I joined the ATP Tour in 2015.  The Pro is about 15% thinner than the Smooth EcoGrip. The Pro allows me to better feel the ridges of the racket handle and blast my big serve. Since these grips are eco-friendly and very high performing, I think they can become the next Big thing in tennis.
I much prefer the band type of dampener to the standard round smiley face look. The OTZ bands never fly off, they provide a better feel and look much cooler. These damps are without a doubt the best on the market. At UCLA starting in 2011 as a sophomore I always played with either blue or yellow band damps to highlight our school colors. 

EcoGrip makes an astounding grip that is very unique to the tennis market. We reviewed their Hi-Tac and Smooth grips

I do really like the Pro Ecogrips. I haven’t used anything else for probably 5 years or so. Whenever I see someone with a nasty worn out grip I give them one of my Ecogrips to try and they really like them. I’m sure I have my friends buying from you as well.

These are the best grips! I always need a soft and sweat free overgrip. That’s why I chose Hi-Tac. I totally love that all these grips are an eco project designed to make tennis more eco-friendly.  I’m happy to be part of the OTZ family. 

I love playing with the Smooth and Pro EcoGrips. I totally love that it’s designed as a grip to make tennis more sustainable, Incredible innovation!

These Pro Ecogrips have just the right amount of tack. My hands sweat a lot so I need a grip that’s absorbent and won’t leave any sticky residue on my hands. Ecogrip plays longer than any grip I have tried. It decomposes within a year after I change it out. What a great combination!

I really like the Hi-Tac because they give me a very firm feel. They keep your grip when you’re playing in hot or very humid conditions. I have had many problems with my grip slipping because it was too slippery, but with EcoGrip this never happens. Also, the fact that it is biodegradable adds so much to the fact of how amazing the grips are.

I love that they are eco-friendly. It’s great for the Earth. All the grips are really good and the Hi-Tac is my favorite. Its so soft, not slippery at all. Its very comfortable for your hands. The EcoGrips are simply the best grips.

I love Ecogrips because they are amazing quality grips with lots of tackiness and durability despite them being biodegradable and good for the environment. I think everyone should use these grips because they are the same quality or better than the highest performance grips, yet you are doing something good for the environment. For me this is important and gives the grips a different feel. 

I love Ecogrips because they are very suitable for protecting the environment. The environment in Australia has recently suffered great damage. We must do much more to protect it. I play better with your grips, they give me confidence to hit winners and they are very comfortable to use.


These grips give me excellent feel and they are Totally Eco. What could be better?

This gear from OTZ  is Awesome! I’m off to conquer the ATP Tour

Amazing Grip! If you haven’t tried one yet, you’ve got to get one!

EcoGrip is simply the perfect grip. The combination of long durability and very good grip in the hand is simply optimal. Plus you are helping the world because they’re environmentally friendly. These are grips that offer something for everyone.

I love the Ecogrips because they are super comfortable and keep my hands dry. I also love them because they’re biodegradable and I’m doing my part to help the earth. The OTZ dampeners are great because they tie to my racket and they don’t fly off.

I tried six of these Hi-Tac EcoGrips a little while ago — along with over grips from Wilson, Luxillon, Gamma, Dunlop, Tournagrip, etc.  I’ve been playing for something like 56 years (from my days as a ranked junior, to high school and college tennis, to USTA age group competition, Pro-Ams with grand slam winners, and training with Division 1 college players one-third my age).  These are the best — and most durable — over grips I’ve ever found.