“Good garden tools are like best friends – not easy to find, but if you have them they will last a lifetime.”

Refurbish your Favorite Garden Tools with Multi-Purpose EcoGrip – Get a firm, smooth, brand new, non-slip grip. Change biodegradable EcoGRIP out when it gets dirty and throw the old grip in your garden compost… it will decompose in less than a year! EcoGRIP – Good your hands, Good for your tools, Good for your garden, Good for the Earth. 

* Click on each photo for an enlargement

EcoGRIP Tools Before

Before applying EcoGRIP the handles of these tools are rough, worn & hard to grip

EcoGRIP Tools 1200 X 500

Same Tools refurbished with easy to wrap EcoGRIP, the world’s first biodegradable overgrip

Get a grip on your Golf game with EcoGRIP!

Golf Club 1200 X 500 Before

Your older Golf clubs look and play….well….older…

Golf Clubs Grip 1200 X 500

EcoGRIP makes your Golf clubs look, feel and play like new!

Golf Clubs Close Up 1200 X 500

Close up of Golf clubs ready for play with EcoGRIP.


Refurbish the handles of Favorite Golf clubs, Baseball bats, Badminton rackets, Ice Hockey and Field Hockey sticks, Lacrosse handles, Cycle handlebars, Cricket Bats, Fishing poles, Bows & more. Easy to wrap with distinctive green finishing tape. Get a GRIP! 


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