Bucket of OTZ Band Dampeners – 9 Colors – $79.95 at Spring Sale Prices!


$89.95 $79.95



This is the Best in Class OTZ Band Dampener. Considered the best band vibration dampener by many experts, the Bucket has 108 bands with the famous Z logo.  The bands are  packaged in 54 two-band re-sealable packets.

There are 9 assorted colors in each bucket: Red, White, Black, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink and Orange.  OTZ band damps are excellent rewards for coaches and prizes for tournaments.

Coaches use OTZ bands to save wear and tear on your arm. Avoid painful tennis elbow or sore wrist.  Own the Zone – All Gain & No Pain!  Get those Good Vibrations !! Own the Zone!

Remember: “Its Racket Science, Not Rocket Science!”

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