Hi-Tac EcoGrip® — 10 Pack $12.50 – Spring Sale Prices – Own the Zone


$14.95 $12.50


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Our one-of-a-kind hi-tech Best Selling grip. Used by top pros on the ATP and WTA tours. One pro saw her ranking soar from Top 60 to Top 40 in just four months when they switched to Hi-Tac overgrip.  Hi-Tac is great grip for hot or humid weather or for any player that perspires a lot. Perforations keep the overgrip tacky for firmer grip and much longer play. Special time-release formula slowly releases tacky resin to keep your Hi-Tac grip tackier much longer than any other grip on the market. Get better value and performance for your money.  The “Go to Grip” for any match, any time of year.  The World’s 1st Eco-Friendly Overgrip.  Win On and Off the Court!

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Plays great for all racket sports


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