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It’s time to get your tennis game in gear. Own the Zone Sporting Goods (OTZ) has released a new video about the benefits of its two leading tennis products: EcoGrip and OTZ band vibration dampeners. The video clip which can be seen at has already received excellent reviews from top tennis coaches in the US, Australia. Israel and the UK.

Since its launch in 2014, EcoGrip has gained recognition as a very high performance overgrip among top pros and coaches around the world. The best selling Hi-Tac grip is known for its great feel, excellent tack and durability.  EcoGrip’s patented material allows the grips to safely decompose in the environment in just one year after removal from a racket. Most racket overgrips – count more than one billion per year – are made of polyurethane and won’t fully decompose for many years, if ever, in the environment. By making tennis more sustainable, EcoGrip helps players to Win on & off the Court.

The OTZ band vibration dampeners were launched by Own the Zone in 2006, and have been rigorously tested in the lab and on the tennis court against all other dampeners. The colorful OTZ bands are widely recognized as the world’s best vibration dampener for tennis rackets.  The video demonstrates the secret of the OTZ bands’ effectiveness and how it can save wear and tear on the arm of any tennis player. Available in nine bright colors, OTZ neon green dampeners were recently seen on the rackets of several top ATP and WTA players at the Australian Open.



Instagram: zone4tennis – press the EcoGRIP banner to see the embedded video