July 29, 2014 – Mentor, Ohio – Clay Thompson, former #1 Collegiate Player, joins forces with Own the Zone, becoming first Pro to use Eco Friendly Overgrips on ATP Tour.

Under the partnership Thompson will play with EcoGrip® and OTZ band vibration dampeners at all his matches for one year.

Own the Zone Sporting Goods (OTZ) , a leader in the tennis accessories market is pleased to announce its partnership with Clay Thompson, the No .1 ranked collegiate player for most of 2014. Clay played #1 seed at UCLA and was ranked #1 in the NCAA standings for 17 consecutive weeks this past season. Under the partnership Clay will play with OTZ EcoGrip and OTZ band vibration dampeners on his racquets for one year.

“I am very pleased to turn professional and enter into a partnership with Own the Zone. Their high performance EcoGrip, the world’s first biodegradable overgrip is an eco-friendly milestone for the tennis industry. The team at OTZ has set the precedent for all other grip companies to follow. In addition to the grips, the OTZ band dampeners are also world-class” said Clay Thompson. “I started using OTZ band dampeners on my racquets two and half years ago when I was a junior at UCLA. The dampening is superb, the band never flies off my racquet and I was able to style them in blue and yellow, Bruin colors. This January I started using EcoGrip Pro and have never looked back. The EcoGrip brand is the next big thing in the tennis world.”

Thompson, who is from Venice, California, is embarking on his first year on the ATP Tour. He was a four year scholar athlete at UCLA. After being ranked No.1 in the nation for most of the season, Clay was named to the All Pac 12 Men’s Tennis Team and he was named the 2014 Pac 12 Men’s Tennis Scholar Athlete of the Year.

“This is our first tennis sponsorship and we are very proud to be working together with Clay who was the top tennis college player in the U.S. this season,” said David Marcus, Co-President of Own the Zone. “Clay is a smart, hard working player with a powerful serve and volley game. He wants to excel on the Tour. Co-President Julius Stockfish added, “We are excited that Clay will be playing with our two high performance tennis products — OTZ Band dampeners and EcoGrip. Clay will be the first pro to win on and off the court with EcoGrip.”

About Own the Zone Sporting Goods: Own the Zone is a leading sporting goods company in the ‘eco friendly, green’ niche. Own the Zone is already marketing four (4) types of overgrips: EcoGrip Smooth is for players seeking the most comfortable grip, EcoGrip Hi-Tac has comfort and longer lasting tack. Eco-Grip Pro is aimed for advanced players who like a slim grip. EcoGrip Dry is for players looking for a very dry, comfortable grip. OTZ band dampeners have been sold since 2006. They are recognized as the best dampener on the market for tennis rackets. OTZ products are currently sold over over the Net at http://www.otzsports.com
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