April 17, 2012 
Own the Zone (OTZ) announced today that is selling a new purple color OTZ band vibration dampener for tennis rackets.

NEW Purple band vibration dampener for tennis rackets from OTZ

“Our customers who use Tourna-Grip on their tennis rackets asked us to introduce the new purple OTZ band dampener,” said David Marcus, Co-President for Own the Zone Sporting Goods. “They love the bold purple color, the cool white logo and most of all, the way the OTZ dampener makes the ball feel off the racket. To top it off, we are still selling our world class dampeners at best value prices.” These durable shock absorbers are made in the USA and can be bought online as a single color bi-pack (2 bands) for $3.25, a Rainbow Pack of nine (9) bi-packs (18 bands) with nine (9) assorted colors for $24.50, or a Bucket of Bands containing 54 bi-packs (108 bands) of nine (9) assorted colors for the wholesale price of $83.95.
To order go to http://www.otzsports.com

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