November 2013, Richmond, California, USA – Karl Collins, runner up at Little Mo Tournament, uses new OTZ EcoGrip®
OTZ EcoGrip - Karl_CollinsKarl Collins, 11, from Richmond, California, USA took the runner’s up trophy at the Little Mo Tournament playing with OTZ EcoGrip on his racquet.

Karl’s father Martyn said, “Karl loves the EcoGrip product. He says the quality is very high and he loves the tackiness, look and feel of the grip. Both Karl and I feel quite good about using a green product like EcoGrip.”

While only on the market since the start of October 2013, EcoGrip® is already gaining a sizable following among younger players. “Karl is the youngest player we know of that is using our biodegradable overgrip product,”remarked David Marcus, Co-President of Own the Zone. “EcoGrip® appeals to the next generation of junior and college players. They are the quickest adopters of new eco-friendly products. They instantly understand that using a great playing product like EcoGrip not only improves their tennis game, but also helps clean up our environment. Its win-win for everyone.”

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