Gordon Zhang, Outstanding High School Tennis Player, Chooses OTZ Band

June 2012
Gordon Zhang, a four star tennis recruit who recently finished in 9th place in the Illinois state high school tournament, plays with OTZ bands on his tennis racquets. For the past four years Zhang, two time captain of the Naperville North tennis team, has been one of the best tennis players in the state of Illinois. In May, Gordon won the Naperville Sectional singles championship and qualified for the state tournament for the fourth time as he led the Huskies to the sectional team championship.

Zhang switched to the OTZ band vibration dampener in March just before the Naperville North tennis season. “From time to time in my career I’ve had tennis elbow problems.” said Zhang, “I was looking for a dampener that would offer me protection. I have tried all sorts of vibration dampeners and none of them seem to really work. The OTZ band is an amazing product. It has totally eliminated any vibrations I felt when I was serving, volleying or hitting from the baseline. The new purple OTZ band is very durable, cool looking and easy to tie onto my racquet. My elbow feels great and my game has definitely come up a notch since I started using them. My teammates really like the OTZ bands too.”

Gordon has chosen to attend the University of Chicago next year and will play on their tennis team. One of the reasons the University of Chicago was finally chosen was the location. “I did want to stay near home,” admitted Zhang. “I really love the Midwest area, and I could not have imagined myself going to a school not around the area. I especially love the great city of Chicago, and I am pumped that U Chicago is so close to downtown. “The deciding factors were the academics and environment of the school and the tennis team,” explains Zhang. As for the OTZ band dampener – “I’m very pleased with my choice and plan on using them at U Chicago,” says Zhang. “This is clearly a world class product.”

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