OTZ Bands Help Doubles Pair Win the USTA Women’s 3.5 Senior Nationals

January 10, 2013

This past autumn Deb Rechnitz and Nancy Levin played doubles with red OTZ bands on their racquets and won the USTA Women’s 3.5 Senior finals at Indian Wells. “My partner Nancy tied an OTZ red band dampener on my racket and we played with them all the way to the Finals in Nationals,” said Deb Rechnitz. “We like how well the OTZ bands dampen the vibration of our rackets… they’re easy to put on, they’re unique and they look really cool.”

OTZ Bands Help Doubles Pair Win the USTA Women’s 3.5 Senior Nationals

“Our team is from Walnut Creek, Calif and our team color is red,” remarked Nancy Levin. “I already play with OTZ so I thought it was a good move to have both Deb and I play with the red OTZ bands and really stand out on the court. They turned out to be our good luck charms! We made it to the Finals. Our team finished in second place, but Deb and I won our Final Championship match 6-1, 6-1. In the team photo Deb and I are the two on the right. It was a great experience and tons of fun!!”

“This is a great team story and we’re excited to share it on our website,” said Dave Marcus, Co-President of Own the Zone. “Playing with team colored OTZ band dampeners could become a popular trend. In the past 3 years some of the top men’s tennis players at the University of Georgia (red & black) and UCLA (blue and gold) chose to play with OTZ band dampeners which matched their school colors. Our world class OTZ band dampeners already come in nine different colors so there is a lot of choice. If we get a big enough order we can customize the band color and print your own team logo on the band.”

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