Own the Zone (OTZ) Meets the Challenge to Produce the “Better Band Dampener”


We significantly improved upon the vibration dampening solution already being used by Maria Sharapova, Andy Roddick and Andre Agassi.  We accepted the challenge to produce a “Better Band Dampener”.

Here’s how:

1. The purpose designed OTZ band dampener is not made out of rubber. A normal rubber band typically has a high amount of clay causing the band to quickly dry out, lose elasticity and break. The chemical compound of the OTZ band was modified to ensure robust performance. Depending on how much you play, one band will perform well for 6-10 weeks.

2. The dimensions and elasticity content of the OTZ bands were increased and enhanced to ensure even better dampening of string and racquet vibration. Skeptical? Check the impressive best-in-class results of several independent tests performed on our products.

3. The OTZ band produces a clean, crisp, satisfying sound when the ball hits the racquet strings.




4. The OTZ band comes in 9 great colors (yellow, blue, green, red, black, white, orange, purple and pink) with a prominent logo for strong brand identification.

5. The colorful OTZ bands allow you to make a fashion statement. Many players also “Wear the Spare” bands on their wrists.  No other vibration dampener in the world serves this dual purpose.

Here’s how to tie it on…grasp each end of the band, tie a knot or double knot, and pull tight.


ur products can be found at most sporting goods chains throughout the U.S., tennis specialty stores, local pro shops and online distributors.

Sharapova and the band at the US Open


Tie One On & Own the Zone! Don’t play without it!