PRO EcoGrip® – 3 Pack – Spring Sale Prices – Own the Zone


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Thin Grip for advanced players that like a slim touch.


Our Pro EcoGrip is used by top pros on the ATP and WTA tours. Pro is a 15% thinner version of our very popular Smooth overgrip. Pro is great grip for any climate and for any player that is looking for a slimmer yet very firm grip. Pro EcoGrip has a slight tack and superior sweat absorption. Pro, like its name, provides your racket handle with great feel and touch.  You will find that Pro plays tougher, absorbs sweat better and lasts longer than the best overgrips on the market.  Great for your Game.  Good for the Environment. With Pro EcoGrip you get a very high performance, bio-degradable overgrip.  Within a year after you remove Pro EcoGrip it will safely decompose.  The World’s 1st Eco-Friendly Overgrip.  Win On and Off the Court!

Get a Grip! Help make tennis a more sustainable sport.

Plays great for tennis, badminton, squash, paddleball and racketball.