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EcoGRIP received the Gold Award from Thoroughly Reviewed in their Overgrip Reviews.

World's Only High Performance Eco-Friendly Overgrip

EcoGRIP - High Performance, Eco-Friendly Overgrip for Tennis and all Racket Sports including badminton, squash and racketball.

High Performance - Mats Wilander, former 7 time Grand Slam Singles Champion and World #1 Tennis Player and Clay Thompson, former #1 ranked college tennis player (2014) play with EcoGRIP®

EcoGRIP plays much better and longer than all other overgrips. Get great feel, high sweat absorbance, durable, no slip grip. Try it once and you’ll feel the difference!

EcoGRIP decomposes naturally in the environment within 1 year. ALL other overgrips are made out of polyurethane (PU)...which takes 20-50 years to fully decompose and break apart.

Win on and off the court with EcoGRIP!
EcoGRIP is biodegradable and Eco-Friendly. See the photo below of our once white EcoGRIP in a garden compost (now a brown strip in the center of the picture) after 5 months. The green and yellow tennis overgrips (next to the brown EcoGRIP) are made out of non-biodegradable polyurethane (PU).

Only EcoGRIP is made with an innovative patent pending polymer designed to safely and quickly biodegrade in the environment. (Read More)

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MENTOR, Ohio – August 1, 2016 – Own the Zone Sporting Goods (OTZ) announced that OTZ EcoGrip® received the Gold Award for Best Overgrip in a comprehensive review of 15 of the most popular tennis overgrips by Thoroughly Reviewed “This gold medal award recognizes that OTZ EcoGRIP is the best-of-the-best pro tennis overgrips on the market”, said … Continue reading EcoGRIP Wins Best Tennis Overgrip Award

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“The WOW – Wilander on Wheels – team is going green by playing with EcoGrip. We grip all our racquets with very high performance EcoGrip – the world’s first biodegradable overgrip. We play with Hi-Tac EcoGrip for great feel/comfort and Smooth EcoGrip in hot or humid conditions. Mats Wilander, former 7 time Grand Slam Singles … Continue reading WOW – Wilander on Wheels is going Green

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Outperforms all other overgrips OTZ EcoGrip® – Feels Great...
The #1 Eco-Friendly tennis product!